As challenging as it is, I enjoy solving problems, whether it be figuring out how to optimize a certain part of an existing application or entirely coming up with new applications to solve certain needs. I have learnt Laravel but majoring in JAVA and Python as I aspire to grow strong engineering skills, primarily the following:


                   .Designing and maintaining software systems

                   .Evaluating and testing new software programs

                   .Optimizing software for speed and scalability

                   .Writing and testing code

                   .Consulting with clients, engineers, security specialists, and other stakeholders

                   .Presenting new features to stakeholders and internal customers

Technology is evolving exponentially, thus there is a steady need for software developers in the world. More to the perks that come with the job, I am eyeing growing into a principal engineer and or a solutions architect. The space is cool and flexible and helps me to grow into an inspiration to fellow African girls who want to be Software Engineers.