Software Engineering

I am growing into a professional lady who design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software as well as managing stakeholders. I aspire to have text book efficiently standardized software solutions which comply to principles, procedures and techniques.

Data Science

I am a data believer who is fond of getting a full understanding of the problem and transcribe it to a data problem and resolve it using computational capacity. I aspire to perfect my craft across all business domains be it pipeline optimization to forecasting of strategic position delivered by data recommendations.

Solutions Architecture

I am growing the ability to consume a technical vision for specific business problems and thereafter design a strategic, scalable and robust solution. I am learning to be the bridge that anchors the business problem with an automated solution that clearly outlines the requirements and solving them within budget. I am in fintech and growing an understanding under the wings of the best Architects in the world, Vishnu Kumar.


I aspire to be the best in optimizing software solutions pipelines on the cloud using a cost effective plan that not only save costs but also ensure collaborative, rapid delivery, scalable, reliable and increase solution efficiency. There is a sense of ownership in such implementations that increases innovative approach to software engineering. I am working towards producing streamline automated solutions on the cloud.

Product Management

I am learning about the complexities of making a sucessful software product. In 5 years, I should be able to oversee software as a service and eye out for B2B and B2C synegies and partnerships. I should be able to optimize the whole pod in creating efficient and sped up quality solutions that can be launched into the market and pay back within record time.

Consultancy and Training

I extensively research concepts, procedures and techniques to become undoubtably knowing. The reason behind is that when asked, I should be able supply a valid, straight to the point response that is super easy to understand. I want to act as a pinnacle of success stories of Africa and pioneer in taking over the world as a true representative of hard work and understanding of software to Africa and beyond.